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If you don’t find the answer you are looking for on my website about infidelity and affairs, please email or call me, and I will answer your question or will help you find resources that will assist you in finding the answers.

In reflecting on marital issues in my practice, I’ve found that infidelity is one of the fastest growing concerns among people. Specializing in infidelity counseling and marriage counseling for all types of affairs such as emotional affairs and online affairs allows me to focus on really helping couples through very difficult times in their lives.

“I’ve developed this website in order to help as many couples as I can to resolve issues after infidelity and affairs.”

Judith S. Barnett

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There is more information available on this topic, if you still have questions not answered by this section please call me. I’m usually available within 24-48 hrs to answer questions, schedule phone coaching sessions or office coaching/therapy sessions, or direct you to other resources.

Remember:  Research / statistics on infidelity indicates that receiving counseling after the discovery of an affair is the single best predictor of recovery.

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Judith Barnett
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Judith Barnett, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, Marriage Counselor & Infidelity Specialist in Chapel Hill, NC
20 Years Experience

Completed Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy, June, 2011

Services Available:

-Certified Imago Relationship  Therapist & Marriage Counselor
-Individual Psychotherapy
-Marriage Counseling
-Relationship Counseling
-Imago Relationship Therapy
-Emotionally Focused Therapy for  couples: Completed Externship in  Emotionally Focused Therapy, June,  2011.
-Relationship Coaching
-Phone Consultations & Coaching  Sessions
-Virtual Coaching | Therapy Sessions
-Office Coaching | Therapy Sessions

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