What to Expect in Marriage Counseling

I usually start couples therapy with a joint session during which I get an overview of the relationship issues from each partner.

Sometimes people would rather come in individually at first, and I certainly honor that if it seems like a sound idea. I follow up the initial session with an individual session for each partner during which s/he and I can get better acquainted. We then reconvene jointly and I make recommendations based on my observations and data from the prior sessions. Often the next couple of sessions are spent on developing better communication techniques…Out of those sessions the issues usually emerge in a safe and constructive way. Then they can be effectively addressed in subsequent sessions.

If a couple enters therapy in a state of crisis, the course of the first few sessions may go differently. I have to use my clinical judgment about what is needed to restore emotional safety and predictability as fast and expediently as possible. Relationship (and individual) damage control is often my goal in these cases. If you still have questions about what to expect in YOUR counseling sessions, please feel free to contact me.

There is more information available on this topic, if you still have questions not answered by this section please call me. I’m usually available within 24-48 hrs to answer questions, schedule phone coaching sessions or office coaching/therapy sessions, or direct you to other resources.

Remember:  Research / statistics on infidelity indicates that receiving counseling after the discovery of an affair is the single best predictor of recovery.

Affair and Infidelity Marriage Counselor and Counseling Resources

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