An extramarital affair is one of the most painful experiences that couples face, and one of the greatest challenges for helping professionals. Whether you are seeking assistance in your personal life or you are a professional looking for training, this website is designed to help you, and to learn from you about your own experiences.

Affairs and Infidelity, guides for recovery.
Learn the effects of divorce on family and children. Free ebook resource deals with children and divorce. Advice and guides for handling marital infidelity.
Your marriage is not hopeless after an affair — surviving infidelity and
healing your realtionship after an extramarital affair is possible! Official site for “Infidelity Crisis: How to Gain Forgiveness and Respect After Your Affair” Acclaimed download to help heal marriage after an extramarital affair- free copy available. Step by step format, 150+ pages for surviving infidelity. Instant PDF download. Start healing your marriage today!
Marriage Proposals and Wedding engagement ideas, diamond engagement rings, unique marriage proposals and other related marriage proposal information.
A site about dealing with infidelity – created to be a positive influence to the discovery, repair and peaceful resolve of relationships threatened by internet infidelity.
Cyberwidows is a place for those who have loved ones addicted to the Internet or having online affairs. There is a support group available and the site has some useful information.
Help in recovering from the devastating emotional impact of extramarital affairs, offered by relationship experts, Peggy Vaughan and James Vaughan, Ph.D.
DRB Alternatives Infidelity Support Group
A support group for people hurting from the pain of infidelity.
The Secrets to Helping an Alcoholic Family Member or Friend provides you with access to divorce packages, single forms and completion services for all States. Free law summaries and FAQ’s for each State are provided. Immediate downloading.
Divorce Magazine is a compassionate self-help resource for people in need of information about separation and divorce.
Relationship Solutions is a unique one stop clinic offering professional personal help and support (legal, financial and emotional), with reconciliation, separation or divorce.
A state specific divorce web site providing information and referrals for people facing and experiencing issues revolving around divorce, separation, child custody, support, alimony, family law and separation.
A support site for people experiencing, divorce, dissolution, separation, custody, alimony, visitation, etc. Divorce professionals to help you in your area.
Divorce information and support community for those anticipating, experiencing, or recovering from divorce. 
Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask
Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart
Recognizing that there are specific and important differences among engaged couples, Family Ministries offers marriage preparation programs to meet individual needs.
FixMyFamily, Nationwide Marriage Counseling & Family Therapy Directory.
The internet’s largest directory of marriage counselors and family therapists with answers to common questions about counseling, articles related to marriage counseling & family therapy as well as recent news.
National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, here you can find information to help sustain your healthy marriage, read up on the latest research, find facts and figures, get help with your healthy marriage program, learn how to start your own community initiative and much more!
Imago Relationships International resources on love, relationships, marriage, counseling.
Infidelity Resouces, Here to help…
Infidelity Resources, Designed to provide the tools and support
Judith Barnett, PH. D is a Marriage Counselor, Clinical Psychologist and Certified Imago Relationship Therapist located in Chapel HIll, NC. This site offers more information on her practice.
Intervention: Help a Loved One Overcome Addiction
Why marriages go wrong – Advice on Marriage, hazards to marriage and how to overcome them.
Marriages Restored exists to offer care and hope for couples who have experienced infidelity—physical affairs, emotional affairs, pornography, or other betrayal—in their marriage. Ben and Ann Wilson offer their expertise from a personal level, having undergone extensive restoration from infidelity in their own marriage. They both are trained counselors and available for seminars and counseling.
Grant Me The Serenity, A site to help those in or seeking recovery from various addictions, obsessions and compulsions such as sex, drugs, and alcohol to find information, support and resources.
Recovering from infidelity and surviving extramarital affairs, Anne and Brian Bercht, help others build solid, happy, passionate and fulfilling relationships with amazing success. Having overcome an extramarital affair in their own marriage, they speak candidly from the heart helping others to recover from infidelity as well.
After the Infidelity: Can Counseling Help?
Recovery Nation
Free pornography addiction, sexual addiction and love addiction recovery resources since 2001.
Affairs and Romance, Discuss and share thought on any personal problem whatsoever.
Sexaholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover.
Sex Addicts Anonymous, SAA, is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so they may overcome their sexual addiction and help others recover from sexual addiction or dependency.
Sexual Addiction Resources
For more about sexual addiction, consult these Internet links and resources.
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous is a Twelve Step – Twelve Tradition oriented fellowship based on the model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Spying Software
Desktop Snooper a surveillance camera program hidden on any computer. Secretly gathers evidence against cheating partners, pedophiles and misuse of company Internet time by staff.
Straight Spouse Network, This site provides resources to helps people lessen their pain, cope constructively, nurture their inner strength, and rebuild their lives when their partner has a same-sex affair.
Teen Drug Evolution: A Parents Resource Guide
Marriage Advice – The Couples Institute, Helps couples to create extraordinary relationships and grow their marriages through advice, tips, and strategies.
The Meadows offers treatments for a broad range of psychological conditions and addictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction and sex addiction. Additionally, many other behavioral disorders, such as eating disorders, love addiction, love avoidance and codependency are addressed.

Truth About Deception – Information about lying, cheating, deception, infidelity, lies, love and romance.
The latest EASY-TO-USE information to make your marriage or relationship successful, sexy, and satisfying.

There is more information available on this topic, if you still have questions not answered by this section please call me. I’m usually available within 24-48 hrs to answer questions, schedule phone coaching sessions or office coaching/therapy sessions, or direct you to other resources.

Remember:  Research / statistics on infidelity indicates that receiving counseling after the discovery of an affair is the single best predictor of recovery.

Affair and Infidelity Marriage Counselor and Counseling Resources

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Judith Barnett
(919) 403-0400

Judith Barnett, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, Marriage Counselor & Infidelity Specialist in Chapel Hill, NC
20 Years Experience

Completed Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy, June, 2011

Services Available:

-Certified Imago Relationship  Therapist & Marriage Counselor
-Individual Psychotherapy
-Marriage Counseling
-Relationship Counseling
-Imago Relationship Therapy
-Emotionally Focused Therapy for  couples: Completed Externship in  Emotionally Focused Therapy, June,  2011.
-Relationship Coaching
-Phone Consultations & Coaching  Sessions
-Virtual Coaching | Therapy Sessions
-Office Coaching | Therapy Sessions

Imago Relationship Therapy:
Imago Therapy